Goodreads is a web and mobile app that allows book lovers to keep track of books, gain personalized recommendations, and engage with other readers. Based on the android version of the mobile app, I’ve developed a prototype with few updates. I’m not affiliated with Goodreads, but do use the app.
Usability Testing
Guerrilla testing is an effective and quick way of learning about the challenges people face while using a product, and also going beyond what you already know.
Implementing this technique, I studied six random participants while they completed tasks; this included searching for a new book and updating their digital bookshelf. No one had used the app on the phone, one person had used it on their desktop.
Insights & Prioritization
Synthesizing the research gathered during testing and doing basic internet research about the company. I narrowed in on the priorities for both users and company.

- Finding the search button was not intuitive
-After a search, adding an completed book, with only “want to read” option visible.
-Changing books from shelf to shelf was confusing
Persona Development
I used job stories and persona sketching techniques to understand motivations and goals for different possible users. The proto-persona, based on a few assumptions, might change as further research and validation is done.
I thought about various task flows that the user is running through and sketched a few wireframes. Based on all the research, I developed a variety of options and took into consideration Android’s material design guideline.
-Making the search feature more easy to find
-Updating the main button to add and manage bookshelf
-Updating language for “read” label
Clickable prototype
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